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Single picture, I know, I’m lame. But watching over the Xenoblade Chronicles X trailers, I wanted to see which characters I thought would fight alongside you for most or all of the story. Not playable, because so far we haven’t seen any evidence of that.

And since most of these characters didn’t have official names yet, I decided to give each of them one. I should be the name decider for Monolith Soft.

It’s suddenly so hard to reblog Xenoblade spoilers, now that a number of my friends are focusing that game (thanks, Sakurai and Chugga). Just blacklist ‘Xenoblade Spoilers’, since I’ll be using that whenever I reblog or post any kind of Xenoblade spoiler.

The last thing I want to do is spoil this amazing game for someone, but having to wait for Chugga to finish his Let’s Play so others know the full game, especially since he’s sick right now, while not spoiling anything is pretty much impossible for me. So the best option is to blacklist those two words, or unfollow me, or whatever.

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